Ben zwemt dolfijn


Aan de vooravond van ons vertrek naar Orlando heb ik de foto's van vorige zomer weer eens bekeken. Zwemmen met de dolfijnen is wel een van de hoogtepunten in m'n leven! Wat heb ik die dag genoten. Er aan denken geeft me nog steeds dat heerlijke gevoel van toen. Ik heb toen ook heel veel gehuild; onverklaarbaar, van plezier, van ontroering ... Nog steeds geen goede woorden voor.




De volgende citaten haalde ik uit een boek over dolfijnen:

  • Dolphins don't give in or give up easily until it makes a difference. Then they are capable of surrender.dolfijn tattoo
  • Dolphins are not very ideological, but if it matters, they can be intensely political.
  • Dolphins are unyielding on principle unless the principle no longer makes any sense.
  • Dolphins like to win. But they don't need for you to lose unless you insist on it.
  • Dolphins tell the truth and thus avoid wasting time, energy, and resources on useless, unproductive drama.
  • Dolphins have a vision of the way they want the corporation, the organization, the world to be—but they aren't kamikazes about it.
  • Dolphins almost always act on 'the big picture,' but they are also capable of focusing on the smallest detail. Dolphins are quick to retaliate if the situation calls for it, but they'll instantly forgive you, knowing that a grudge is an artificial and ultimately insupportable barrier in a fluid, creative universe.
  • Dolphins make superb managers and leaders, and in a world where they are putting their superior strategic and tactical thinking capabilities to work, they are destined to keep carps and sharks increasingly off balance and disadvantaged when challenged.

Strategy of the Dolphin®: Scoring a Win in a Chaotic World